Why De-Cluttering the Office is Good for Everyone’s Health

Albert Einstein famously said: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Well, from a cleaning perspective, a clear desk and clutter-free office is actually a sign of good health. A cluttered office has the potential to collect dust, pose tripping hazards, and generally make it difficult to clean and protect employees from unnecessary germs.

So if you’ve got a few hoarders and clutter bugs in your office, or your office layout is not ideal, why not put aside some time to reorganise. And when you’re done, arrange regular office cleaning services to keep your workplace as clean and healthy as possible for everyone.

Here are some tips on how to effectively de-clutter your office.

Keep the most important things at hand

There’s no need for your employees to have paperwork, books or folders on their desks if they‘re not using them. Make sure your employees have ample drawer space, so they can easily store non-essential work away from the desktop.

Paper storage

Piles of paper are prime dust collectors in an office and can restrict access to areas that require cleaning. Paperwork and other items that are stacked on the floor can also pose trip hazards. Use filing cabinets for the storage of paperwork that needs to be kept, and an office shredder can take care of the rest.


Separate the office into zones based on task. For example, you might set up a separate area for photocopying and paper storage, an inviting area where employees can eat their lunch (to avoid the hygiene hazards of eating at their desks), and a zone where all filing cabinets are kept.


Unsightly cables add to clutter, make it difficult to clean, and are another trip hazard. Make sure cables are safely hidden away.

Set limits

The key to limiting clutter is to take action as soon as you see those piles of paperwork beginning to build up. Put filing processes into place, and have procedures around the regular tidying up of desks. Having tidy desks in your
office will also make it much easier for your cleaners to make sure desktops are a germ-free zone!

Clean your office

Once your office is clutter-free, regular office cleaning is a must. Maintaining a clutter-free office will mean it will be easier to clean, and will likely be much more hygienic. Having a neat and clean workplace can also help make sure your employees are happier, more focused and hopefully healthier!

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