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If you are looking for a company that offers professional restaurant cleaning service in Christchurch, JAN-PRO is here to help. The cleaners who deliver JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting restaurant cleaning services are experts in restaurant cleaning thanks to the JAN-PRO SIGNATURE CLEAN® program. This five-week program is taken by all owner-operators and includes specialised certification in how to clean restaurant-specific spaces, including dining rooms, food prep areas, and food storage areas.

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What To Look For In Restaurant Cleaning Service Christchurch

Since 1991, we have been building a reputation as one of the best commercial cleaning franchise organisations in the world – and with 100 Master Franchisers and over 10,000 franchisees globally, you are close to one of our unique, well-trained, and fully certified cleaning teams. We specialise in commercial, office, and workspace cleaning, in a process that is designed to guarantee customer satisfaction for a wide range of industries and budgets.

The JAN-PRO difference is that we offer Measurable Cleaning, Guaranteed Results – so when it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning in Christchurch, your franchise operator will provide you with a truly clean experience.

For more services and locations: school cleaning services, aged care cleaners, child care cleaners – contact us for a free and quick quote!If you run a restaurant, you know that it is inherently important to be compliant with all OSHA safety standards. Federal, state, and municipal health and safety regulations are important to ensure that your kitchens and dining areas are clean and safe.

The best restaurant cleaning services in Christchurch assess each space as a separate entity. Each area of the restaurant has specific cleaning needs, from the dining room to the kitchen and the bathrooms. Here at JAN-PRO we always complete a thorough assessment of every single client premises to ensure that we know what surfaces and spaces we are dealing with before we arrange a cleaning package. Every restaurant is different, so the restaurant cleaning services in Christchurch that work for one establishment won’t be appropriate for another.

As part of the JAN-PRO professional restaurant cleaning service in Christchurch, we use several different proprietary cleaning solutions alongside equipment and training to ensure that every clean is completed to the highest standard.

We use a proprietary hospital-grade disinfectant for our surface cleans, specifically created to both disinfect surfaces and neutralise odours. This safe and eco-friendly disinfectant kills 99.99% of bacteria on contact – on practically any surface – without leaving any sticky residue or strong odours.

We even clean the air that your staff and diners breathe using our ProTeam air filtration vacuum equipment. Four filter HEPA vacuums trap dust and fine particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.

Throughout our cleans, we have a detailed wall-to-wall plan that is designed to be both efficient and effective – making JAN-PRO the number one professional restaurant cleaning service in Christchurch that you can rely on.

Professional Restaurant Cleaning Service in Christchurch: From Assessment to Detail Oriented Clean

Here at JAN-PRO, we have a unique organisation that means all our franchisees are owner-operators. We have built our reputation on quality, measurable cleans – so we always go the extra mile to ensure that you – our customers – have a full service clean that is effective and useful.

All our owner-operators are fully invested in the process of not only providing award-winning cleaning but also making sure that you are happy with the ongoing, consistent service – fully-uniformed cleaners on a reliable schedule that go the extra mile for your convenience and cleaning needs.

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