Interviewing for a School Cleaner? 5 Key Questions to Ask

Hiring commercial cleaning services is an important decision for any organisation. When that organisation is a school, it’s even more crucial to get it right, because it involves cleaners working around children.

While the bulk of the work will most likely be done outside regular school hours, extra-curricular activities mean that there will usually be students around even after school is out for the day.

Here are five important questions that should be part of your line-up when you are interviewing a new school cleaner during the hiring process.

Does everyone in the company have current police checks and Working With Children clearance? This is probably the most important question to ask. It’s law in Australia that anyone working in an environment where there are children must have these checks.
Has the company cleaned other schools prior to applying for your school? Find out which ones, and call them for feedback. Ask if there have been any problems, but also ask if there were particular things about this company that made them stand out.
How does the company tackle an average week of cleaning at the school? Ask the cleaning company for an outline of a week’s work. This will give you an indication about how they strategise and allocate time and staff, and whether they really understand the cleaning requirements of a school environment.
What products and equipment does the company use? Find out whether the company uses green products for a healthier school environment, and has the right equipment for the job, such as four-filter vacuum cleaners that help maintain air quality, and colour coded micro fibre cloths to prevent cross contamination.
Does the company offer individual service? School cleaning isn’t one size fits all, and the requirements can differ depending on the size and type of school. Ask if the company will tailor a cleaning and maintenance schedule to your school’s particular needs.

There are lots of commercial cleaners, but not all of them specialise in school cleaning and have the experience and training to keep your facility hygienic, from the carpets to the bathrooms.

So make sure you ask the right questions at the interview – after all, the safety and security of your school and students is at stake.

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