How to Have a Sparkling Clean Restaurant the ‘Tox-Free’ Way


Most of us are well aware of the need for cleanliness and hygiene both in our homes and in public spaces such as restaurants. Think about visiting a café or restaurant, and the potential for outbreaks of illness if surfaces such as food preparation areas, counters, tables and chairs are not kept scrupulously clean! This means that restaurant cleaners need to be very thorough in their practices to help ensure public safety and hygiene is maintained.

As well as the hygiene factor, many of us are also becoming increasingly aware of the need to use cleaning products that are more eco-friendly than some of the traditional cleaners we have become used to. Harsh chemicals can have an impact on our health, the environment, wildlife, and in particular, on our rivers and oceans.

So is it possible to have a restaurant that is kept hygienically clean, without the use of harmful chemicals? We take a look at some of the common chemicals found in cleaning products, and how using the right restaurant cleaners can help achieve a clean and green eating establishment!

Chemicals in cleaning products

Some of the nastier ingredients that can be commonly found in cleaning products include:

  • Ammonia – often used for polishing and cleaning glass. Ammonia is very corrosive and the effects of exposure can include skin burns, irritation to the throat, nose and lungs and eye damage.
  • Chlorine – used for cleaning toilets, for whitening clothing and to remove mould. It can cause eye and skin irritation and chemical burns.
  • Butoxyethanol – used for kitchen and window cleaning and in dry cleaning solutions. It can cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Phthalates – an ingredient of scented products, soaps, detergents, shampoos and air fresheners. May cause endocrine disruption and affect reproduction.
  • Triclosan – used in liquid detergents and antibacterial soaps. It may contribute to bacterial antibiotic resistance.
Being clean doesn’t have to mean harsh chemicals

You might think of commercial cleaning as a practice that routinely uses strong chemicals to achieve the high standard of cleanliness demanded by clients. However, this is not necessarily the case.

At Jan-Pro, we believe in caring for the environment, and the health of our staff and our clients. We are strongly committed to these aims, and as a result we use greener solutions in our cleaning products and practices. This applies whether we are cleaning restaurants, or schools, offices, and even medical centres.

Our cleaning products are selected to meet our high standards. They are butyl-free, and have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

With the right cleaning service, it is possible to have a clean and hygienic environment, without resorting to strong chemicals.

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