Buy a Cleaning Franchise, or Start Your Own Business?

Commercial cleaning is a service that is always in demand, and this is something that’s unlikely to change any time soon. Workplaces such as offices, shopping centres, restaurants and medical clinics need regular cleaning and disinfection by a professional cleaning service to help keep them safe and healthy.

This means that entering into the cleaning industry can be a good choice for someone who wishes to run a business of their own, and provide an in-demand service. But the question remains – should you become a franchisee in an established business network, or start your own enterprise?

What a cleaning business franchise may offer:

  • An established brand.
  • A proven business model and system that is easy to learn and apply.
  • Initial and ongoing training and support to assist you to run a profitable business.
  • Professional mentoring and advice.

A good franchise will have a proven track record, healthy relationships with franchisees, employees and clients, and a good reputation.

Buying a commercial cleaning franchise might be a good idea if you want to run your own business, but don’t want to go it alone and would like to use a proven business and marketing system.

What your own business can offer:

  • Complete control and independence.
  • No need to pay upfront fees to another party or ongoing royalties.
  • Capacity to create your own unique brand.

Starting your own business might be a good idea if you want to start small and possibly build up gradually over time, or if you don’t have the funds to buy a franchise. However, your own business will still be costly to set up in terms of cleaning equipment and supplies, and other expenses such as marketing.

Your own business might also be good if you only want to work part-time, or just want to work close to home for a few regular customers. Keep in mind, however, that established franchises offer a variety of solutions for their franchisees, including part time options.

Both options will require a considerable level of commitment in terms of time and money. A franchise can take a lot of the hard work out of establishing a business, while setting up your own business means you have complete control. Ultimately, which option you choose depends on your own needs, and your goals.

JAN-PRO franchise
At JAN-PRO, we offer commercial cleaning franchises across Australia. Our systems are fully proven and we provide full training and support to help you build a profitable cleaning business. Contact us to find out about our commercial cleaning franchise opportunities across Australia, including MelbourneSydneyBrisbanePerth and Adelaide.

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