How a Clean Office Can Help Boost Productivity

A clean, orderly and hygienic office is more than just a nice place to work, it can also enable a business to make more money.

As an employer, labour costs are likely to be one of your biggest expenses – or investments to put it in a more positive light. Naturally, you want to be able to maximise productivity from your workforce. The good news is that by taking a little extra care in keeping your premises clean each day, you can potentially reap rewards that are greater than any extra cost involved – thereby producing a very positive ROI!

The potential benefits of a clean office

  • Reduced absenteeism. Absenteeism and its more permanent cousin – attrition – can be very costly to a business. When a workplace is dirty and unhygienic people are more likely to pick up viruses and infections and to take sick leave. A dusty environment can also lead to reactions such as sneezing, coughing and itchy skin, and to reduced productivity when employees are at work.
  • Fewer accidents at work. By keeping your premises clean and orderly there is less likely likelihood of people tripping on hazards or slipping on spills, which can lead to absent days and insurance claims.
  • Imparts a positive leadership message. A clean and tidy office shows that you care about your business, which employees are likely to pick up on and follow suit. It is also more likely to show that you care generally as well – including about them!
  • Enables greater efficiency and fewer errors. When an office is full of clutter and mess, it not only generates more dust but also makes it hard for people to find what they need to get their job done efficiently and effectively.
  • It just looks more professional, is less embarrassing when visitors come, and is less likely to attract vandals and burglars.

How to go about it

  • Install a HVAC system, and get the temperature right. Modern HVACs not only filter out particulates but also make the environment more comfortable which in turn facilitates productivity.
  • Encourage and enable workers to keep their desks, keyboards and computer mice clean as these areas can be enormous harbourers of germs. Also discourage them from eating lunch at their desks by providing an attractive and clean lunch area.
  • Facilitate tidiness and order by providing plenty of shelving and cupboard space for files, records and other paperwork.
  • Hire professional commercial cleaners to clean and disinfect your premises after hours, so that you and your workers can be greeted with a sparkling clean workplace every morning!

Anyone who has ever worked in a dirty, dusty or unkempt office will probably be able to relate to the above. Speak to us at JAN-PRO if you would like a quote on our professional commercial cleaning services to keep your workplace sparking clean.

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