6 Tips for Seasonal Office Clean

Warmer weather indicates a time of renewal after the chill of winter. While the benefits of a thorough seasonal clean at home are well known, it’s also a perfect time to give your office building a thorough going over, and deal with any mess, mould or dust that has built up over the months of cold weather.

A clean and refreshed office is not only healthier for you and your employees, it also looks much more professional to your clients and visitors. Here are some tips to help you to get started on spring cleaning your office.
Ideas and tips for seasonal office cleaning

1. Tidy paperwork
Piles of papers can be a source of dust and also a trip hazard if they are left on the floor. If they are scattered all over desks and shelves, they can also get in the way of proper cleaning and dusting.

  • Throw out or recycle old papers, and file away only what you really need to keep.
  • Keep only the current files needed on-hand, and put the rest into storage, so that you avoid the problem of constantly moving files from one spot to another.
  • Consider whether you could convert to a digital filing system (such cloud storage) and ditch the hard copies altogether.

2. Clean desks and keyboards
These can be enormous harbourers of germs, especially when workers eat and drink at their desks.

  • Clean up desk areas to remove crumbs, dust and micro-organisms.
  • Provide disinfectant wipes to your staff to encourage the same.
  • Encourage workers to use the kitchen at lunchtime rather than eating at their desks.

3. Remove mould
Cold wet weather can lead to the build-up of mould, which can cause various health problems. Mould can be cleaned up with detergent and water, but in severe cases, you should consider getting professional treatment to remove it.

4. Maintain your HVAC system

Have your system professionally cleaned to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease and other problems. Attention should be given to filters, ducts and cooling towers.

5. Tidy cables and wires
Computer and electrical cabling can a trip hazard, and also an electrical risk if kinked or damaged.

  • Clean up those ‘spaghetti junctions’ or tangled webs of cables and wires to improve safety.
  • Discard those old unused cables that can build up in offices over time!

6. Office reorganisation
A change is as good as a holiday they say, and a revamp of the office can provide a fresh start for season. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but may involve simply moving some furniture for better traffic flow around the office, or getting rid of furniture that is no longer in good condition. It’s important to spend some time considering exactly what it is you want from your office and workspaces; this way you will be better placed to make the most appropriate decisions.

Call in the experts!
Once you’ve performed your clean-up, it’s important to maintain that great standard of cleanliness. Professional office cleaning services can keep your workplace looking good all year round.

At JAN-PRO, we use equipment that removes super-fine particles of dust and dirt, and high strength, environmentally safe disinfectants to keep your office hygienic. Contact us for a quote for our office cleaning services across Australia, including MelbourneSydneyBrisbanePerth and Adelaide.

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