Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cleaning Franchise

A commercial cleaning franchise can be considered to be fairly recession-proof. After all, offices, hospitals, schools, gyms, restaurants and many other types of commercial premises rely on high standards of hygiene provided by professional cleaners to operate.
According to The Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council’s Cleaning Services Sector Snapshot, growth and revenue have been steady over the past five years. More organisations are outsourcing their cleaning needs, and franchising is increasing.

Even though a cleaning business franchise might be the best business idea you’ve heard of in a long time, you need to undertake a detailed investigation before you sign up, because not all franchise opportunities are as good as they look on paper.

Here are three essential questions to ask.

1. Does the franchise offer professional training?
Cleaning is now a highly skilled professional task requiring in-depth training in the latest equipment and methods – it’s much more than just a quick vacuum and wipe over. Ask about the training included in the agreement in detail, and make sure the franchise uses the latest equipment and products, and best-practice processes.

Business management is also important when you buy a cleaning franchise, so confirm that the training includes all the aspects of actually running the business, including OH&S, marketing and accounts.

2. Does the franchise have a good reputation?
You are looking for a franchise company with a proven track record and the respect of its clients. Do your research, and try and talk to people who have already bought into the franchise about their experience. How big is the franchise? Has it won awards? Or are there loads of poor reviews online from customers and former franchisees? A strong brand presence and solid reputation can help give you confidence that the business will continue to attract clients.

3. Is there ongoing support?
Find out if the franchise offers continued support. If you don’t have a lot of business experience, or experience in the cleaning industry, the last thing you want is to receive initial training then be left to your own devices.

It takes research to carefully choose your commercial cleaning franchise partner. But having the backing of a franchise business that offers high quality training, a trusted reputation, a track record of success, and processes and systems that are industry standard, can make it much easier to realise the dream of owning your own business.

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