How Green Cleaning Can Be Better for Everyone

Many people these days are concerned about the environmental and health impacts of the products they use for cleaning, washing and disinfecting.

This might be especially so if they have household members who are prone to allergies or asthma, or if they have concerns about pouring strong chemicals down the sink and where they might end up. Caustic products – such as those sometimes used for oven cleaning – may be particularly concerning due to the risk of chemical burns that they pose.

Constant use of antibacterial products in the home can also pose a problem, in that they are usually of insufficient strength to kill all the harmful bacteria present anyway, often leaving some behind to adapt and thrive.

Consequently, it’s thought that these products could be contributing to the development of superbug strains; that is, bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

As a result of their concerns many householders are choosing to ditch the array of store-bought products as much as possible in favour of using items such as sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, borax, lemon juice, essential oils, basic soaps and microfibre cloths to clean and disinfect their homes.

What about commercial cleaning?

In offices, hospitals and restaurants, however, the situation is a bit different. In these settings it’s generally agreed that it is very important to eliminate bacteria to prevent the spread of disease and infection, and this means that stronger concentrations of cleaning and sanitising agents need to be used than in households.

This makes it a good idea to enquire about the products used by any commercial cleaning services you use or are considering using. It’s also something to consider if you are thinking about buying into a cleaning business franchise and you also have concerns about cleaning-system health and safety and environmental impacts.

JAN-PRO cleaning franchises

At JAN-PRO, we believe that indoor air quality and environmental safety are very important factors to consider when it comes to commercial cleaning. As a result, we employ a unique cleaning system known as ‘EnviroShield’ – a combination of a series of sprayers with nozzles that release a negative electrostatic charge into the solution, and hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfecting agents.

The active ingredient in our solutions is chlorine dioxide in a safe, stable formation, which also deactivates after it has done its job of microbe destruction.

The EnviroShield system is successful for removing up to 99% of common harmful bacteria without leaving residue, and for reaching otherwise impossible-to-reach surfaces (such as keyboards).

This makes JAN-PRO a very viable option for people looking into hiring commercial cleaning services, as well as those who might wish to buy a cleaning franchise and who are also concerned about air quality and environmental protection.

Contact us if you would like to know more about our commercial cleaning franchises or for a quote on our professional cleaning services.

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