4 Benefits of Regularly Waxing Your Floors

Certain types of flooring such as timber, linoleum, tile and unfinished cork floors can benefit from regular wax treatments, and as such waxing your floors might be something to consider in your regular cleaning regime. In this post we list four reasons why you should consider floor waxing, and also provide a brief outline of how the waxing procedure is done.

Benefits that waxing can provide

  1. It helps to preserve your floors for longer by protecting them from scratches, marks, nicks and spill stains.
  2. Waxing adds shine to your floors which can brighten the room and give off a squeaky clean appearance.
  3. It can diminish the appearance of grooves and faults especially in a wooden floor.
  4. In a professional environment such as an office, restaurant, hospital or medical centre or that undergoes a lot of foot traffic, waxed floors can provide a more professional look, and give out the message that you really care about the cleanliness of your business environment.

Floor waxing products

To start with, you should select the right type of product to match your floors, so make sure to check the label when purchasing. It’s also important to note that waxes should not be used on no-wax floors or on floors with a urethane finish; these types of floors can instead be treated with water-based silicone polish products.

There are two basic types of floor wax finishes available on the market:

  • Liquid waxes – these are relatively easy to apply and can be used on linoleum floors and unfinished cork or timber surfaces.
  • Solid paste waxes – paste waxes take longer to apply than liquid, but also last longer and provide a deeper shine.

How floor waxing is done

Before starting, any previous layers of wax should be removed using a wax stripping product or bleach and detergent. This procedure removes the wax without causing damage to the flooring, and should be followed up with thorough rinsing before allowing the floor to completely dry.

It’s also important to ensure that the flooring is completely clean before any wax is applied. The application of the wax can be done with a soft damp cloth and worked into the floor’s surface until it is completely covered. After allowing it to dry, the floor can be buffed with a buffing polisher or a clean towel to complete the process.

The benefits of regular floor cleaning

As well as waxing, having your floors regularly cleaned using professional office cleaning services and your carpeted areas professionally vacuumed not only helps to keep them clean and looking good, but also reduces the risk of dust, dust mites and microscopic allergens in the workplace.

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