3 Bacteria Hideouts Even Office Clean Freaks Forget About

Your office cleaners come in every night, right? But if they only vacuum the carpets, clean the glass door, and empty the bins, the most important cleaning jobs might never get done. Bacteria by the millions can be hiding in the most unexpected places; hideouts that even the office clean freak might not think to wipe down. Here are a few of them.

1. Computer keyboards

Keyboards can be havens for dust, crumbs and micro-organisms. If your staff eat lunch at their desks, tiny crumbs can fly over the entire work area, fall between the keyboard cracks, and start to grow bacteria almost immediately. Staff touch the keys and then take a bite, lifting those bacteria into their mouths. Without proper regular cleaning, keyboards can be a biological time bomb, just waiting for the opportunity to explode into sickness.

2. The phone and mouse

You would think that the phone and the mouse are personal items; no-one else really has any contact with those things. But these are a haven for germs. In fact, the Daily Mail in the UK reported that research had found 1,600 organisms per square inch on a computer mouse.

3. Shared equipment, light switches and door handles

As everyone moves around the office, sharing office equipment such as copiers and faxes and the bathroom, people are creating a constant flow of contaminated touch points. Imagine if someone doesn’t wash or dry their hands thoroughly when they go to the toilet, and touches light switches and door handles. Worse still is when staff macho their way through sickness and come to work anyway, ready to pass the bugs on. According to the UK’s National Health Service, bacteria can survive quite well for up to 24 hours on desk surfaces and all around the office.

Solving the problem

As well as taking obvious measures such as promoting hand washing and asking staff to eat in the kitchen or break room and not at their desks, it’s important to employ commercial office cleaning services.

A professional in commercial cleaning in Sydney, such as JAN-PRO, will use quality processes to ensure a clean and hygienic result. These include knowing how long cleaning products need to stay on a surface before being wiped away, and the use of colour-coded cloths to prevent cross contamination. They will even find those bacteria hidden away where you least expect.

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