10 Common Bacteria Breeding Grounds in Restaurants

Food poisoning is a risk that worries many people when they eat away from home. While it is assumed that restaurants follow safe food practices, it’s not something that can be guaranteed. As it happens, it’s not only the food itself that can harbour harmful bacteria.

Here are ten common areas of potential contamination risk in restaurants, some food based, some not

Smorgasbords – Food left out on a buffet isn’t always kept at consistently maintained temperatures. Commonly, food at the bottom of a dish can be much hotter than the food at the top. This can form an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply.

Toilet facilities
– These should be cleaned regularly. Even when they are, you are not safeguarded against other patrons who don’t wash their hands properly before touching door handles and taps.

Table top items
– The hard plastic surface of a laminated menu is an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Paper menus, less so. Likewise, salt and pepper shakers and condiment bottles and containers can also harbour bacteria and should be cleaned regularly.

Chairs –
Surprisingly, restaurant chairs can be a prime spot for breeding bacteria. Restaurant cleaning services should wipe down hard surfaces on chairs and thoroughly vacuum upholstered seats on a regular basis.

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