Since 1991, JAN-PRO has steadily built a reputation as one of the best commercial cleaning franchise organisations in the industry.

Most recently awarded both the #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise overall and the #4 Fastest Growing Commercial Cleaning Franchise globally by Entrepreneur Franchise 500 in 2018, JAN-PRO is the only franchise commercial cleaning company in the world to be ranked in the top 200 Commercial Cleaning Franchise for nine consecutive years (2008 – 2018).


Currently with 100 Master Franchisors and over 10,000 franchisees globally, our expanding reach doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.

JAN-PRO operates under a unique professional system. Unlike conventional cleaning companies where employees work at a job, JAN-PRO franchisees are owner-operators who have a vested interest in the cleanliness of their clients’ premises, providing a range of cleaning services for commercial offices, strata properties, hospitals and medical centres, restaurants and commercial kitchens and more. Total customer satisfaction is the number one goal.

JAN-PRO offers:

  • Highest quality cleaning methods

  • Detailed cleaning schedules for consistency

  • Comprehensive training programs

  • Quality control systems

  • Extensive support systems

  • Customer relation services

  • Highly skilled cleaning personnel

This results in the perfect formula for a motivated workforce and long-term customer satisfaction.

Our approach solves many of the problems inherent with conventional cleaning services including:

  • Lack of management supervision

  • No professional quality control procedures to ensure quality

  • No consistency with standard of work due to high turnover and untrained workers

  • No professional management concern for customer satisfaction

  • Unclear lines of communication to fulfil customer service requests

Employees of conventional cleaning services feel they work at a job; the JAN-PRO difference means they feel like they operate a business. This results in a higher standard of work, consistently.

Our achievement and awards are:

  • 1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise in 2018 and for 10 years by Entrepreneur magazine

  • 4 Top Fastest-Growing Franchise in 2018 by Entrepreneur magazine

  • Ranked as a Top Global Franchise in 2018 and for 8 years by Entrepreneur magazine

  • Ranked as a Top 200 Franchise in 2018 and for 9 years by Franchise Business Review magazine

  • Top 100 Global Franchises for 2018 by Franchise Direct


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