Strata Cleaning Wellington

If you are responsible for property management, you might be looking for effective and efficient strata cleaning in Wellington. Finding the right company to trust, whether the property is a personal investment or your business, is important – and that is where JAN-PRO can make a real difference for you.

Since 199, JAN-PRO has grown into an international reputation as a reliable, effective, and efficient cleaning franchise and thanks to our extensive training and certification programs, our owner-operators can offer hospital-grade disinfectant cleans for every surface in a home or business. We have experience cleaning in industries like hospitals and medical facilities, office spaces, gyms, and schools. With our combination of the latest technologies and proven techniques and strategies, we believe that JAN-PRO is best placed to provide extensive, effective cleaning services that are best for your building and your budget.

Strata Cleaning Companies Wellington: Why Choose JAN-PRO?

Commercial strata cleaning in Wellington is about more than just quick wipe round. Our owner-operator franchises are wholly invested in ensuring every single client is completely satisfied with the service we provide – our business is built on our reputation and without happy customers, this will not be the case.

Our client relationships always start with a detailed assessment of cleaning needs. Every single business is different; even another strata or property business will have differing needs, so to ensure that we look after yours in the right way, we will make a full assessment to offer you a quote. Read More

The quote for professional strata cleaning in Wellington will include details of the different surfaces and areas that need cleaning. We have different equipment and techniques available to clean carpets and wooden floors and can even provide extensive cleaning options for concrete and stone. Shared spaces need to be kept hygienically clean to prevent the spread of contagions, and with the use of our proprietary cleaning solution we are proud to be able to offer protection against 99.99% of bacteria including E. coli and listeria. Our hospital-grade cleaner is eco-friendly and efficient. It does not stain or taint surfaces, providing an effective clean without sticky residue, making sure that shared spaces remain safe.If you need more help and guidance about how JAN-PRO can make a difference to your strata cleaning in Wellington, then get in contact with your local franchisee who will be happy to discuss your needs.

When it comes to strata cleaning in Wellington you want to find a company you can trust – and we are here to help.

With a range of service, we can assist you in school cleaning, child care cleaners, aged care cleaners around NZ. Contact us for a free quote!
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JAN-PRO offers:

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    Highest quality cleaning methods

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    Detailed cleaning schedules for consistency

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    Comprehensive training programs

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    Quality control systems

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    Extensive support systems

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    Customer relation services

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    Highly skilled cleaning personnel

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    Comprehensive training programs

This results in the perfect formula for a motivated workforce and long-term customer satisfaction.

Our approach solves many of the problems inherent with conventional cleaning services including:

Lack of management supervision

No professional quality control procedures to ensure quality

No consistency with standard of work due to high turnover and untrained workers

No professional management concern for customer satisfaction

Unclear lines of communication to fulfil customer service requests

Employees of conventional cleaning services feel they work at a job; the JAN-PRO difference means they feel like they operate a business. This results in a higher standard of work, consistently.

Professional Strata Cleaning Companies Wellington: Choose Every Detail of Your Clean

JAN-PRO is dedicated to happy clients, and that means ensuring that we cover every aspect of your cleaning needs. We will work out how often you need our help, in terms of regular attendance – whether that is just a couple of times a week, or every day – and then look at the most efficient and effective ways to make sure the cleaning is completed to the required standards. Our owner-operators will always attend your premises in full uniform for strata cleaning in Wellington – we know that it is very important in terms of security for your residents that they recognise people in the shared spaces in your strata. Our team will always ensure that we follow all guidelines for the safety of residents as well as safety in our cleaning.

Call your local team to find out more about how JAN-PRO can offer you strata cleaning in Wellington that you can rely on.

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