Strata Cleaning

If you are responsible for strata cleaning in shared spaces or preparing properties for sale or rental, then you need to ensure that you find local, reliable strata cleaning companies who can provide the specialist services that you need on a regular basis.

Since 1991, JAN-PRO has been developing a reputation as a franchise operation that offers the very best in proprietary cleaning systems trusted around the world. We have more than 100 Master Franchisors, supporting over 100,000 franchisees in New Zealand, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and the USA – all trained to the highest standards and certified on their abilities to provide an unbeatable clean for many purposes.

Responsible for Strata Cleaning in Shared Spaces?

JAN-PRO franchisees are trained and certified to provide thorough cleaning services using the latest technology, which is why we are chosen as the preferred professional strata cleaning companies. We know how important it is for property management businesses to be streamlined and efficient, and through our services, you can be sure that a bespoke quote will offer exactly the amount of support you need for your strata cleaning.

We use our proprietary ENVIROSHIELD cleaning system, which offers multi-surface protection. The eco-friendly formula is effective against 99.99% of bacteria, including E. coli – and it is safe to use in high traffic areas as it does not leave a sticky residue or strong odour. This is important in shared spaces where different people might come into close contact – and should be a strong consideration for anyone engaging with commercial strata cleaning companies. We also use HEPA vacuum cleaners that offer multiple levels of filtration to ensure that allergens are removed from the air; with each surface in shared areas considered for the most effective ways to clean them.

As part of the strata cleaning that is offered by JAN-PRO, you will have a personalised quote based on the regularity and depth of the clean that is needed.

To find out about our range of services contact us, however we do provide medical centre cleaning in Auckland, school cleaning services, child care cleaning.

JAN-PRO offers:

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    Highest quality cleaning methods

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    Detailed cleaning schedules for consistency

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    Comprehensive training programs

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    Quality control systems

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    Extensive support systems

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    Customer relation services

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    Highly skilled cleaning personnel

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    Comprehensive training programs

This results in the perfect formula for a motivated workforce and long-term customer satisfaction.

Our approach solves many of the problems inherent with conventional cleaning services including:

Lack of management supervision

No professional quality control procedures to ensure quality

No consistency with standard of work due to high turnover and untrained workers

No professional management concern for customer satisfaction

Unclear lines of communication to fulfil customer service requests

Employees of conventional cleaning services feel they work at a job; the JAN-PRO difference means they feel like they operate a business. This results in a higher standard of work, consistently.

Make the Best Decision for Your Strata Cleaning Needs

JAN-PRO is a cleaning franchise built on our reputation, and there are several reasons why we have been voted the number one cleaning franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine for more than 20 years in a row. We know that our clients need us to be the best of the professional strata companies, and throughout our history, we have proven that we will go above and beyond to deliver a reliable clean.

From our recognisable, uniformed franchisees to the certification and training, alongside the hospital-grade disinfectant and cleaning techniques made to be efficient and effective, JAN-PRO is everything you need in a cleaning service – and we have a client list that spans industries like hospitals, schools, offices, and gyms, so no matter what your cleaning needs, JAN-PRO have the professional service that is right for you.

Choose JAN-PRO for your strata cleaning needs – contact us today for your bespoke assessment and quote.

Cleaning services provided by independently owned and operated JAN-PRO cleaning franchisees. To learn more about the JAN-PRO organization & business structure, click here.

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