10 Dirty Business Practices that Can Send Customers Packing

These days, competition in the business world is high. And if you fail to make a good first impression with customers due to having dirty premises or practices, it’s likely they will just go down the road to a competitor!

Projecting a clean and hygienic image is not a matter to be taken lightly, and it is not something that is of secondary importance – it is part of the overall professionalism of your business. And this doesn’t apply only to restaurants and
hospitals where hygiene is always expected either, it also applies to other businesses.

Word travels fast, especially with online reviews. If your business is perceived as grubby, unprofessional, disorganised or unhygienic, a lot of people could get to know about it very quickly, which could impact your bottom line.

Examples of business ‘dirty habits’

Here are 10 examples of grubby business premises or practices that could turn
customers off:

  1. Office clutter and mess – you might think it makes you look really busy, but to a client, it could just look like you are unprofessional, disorganised, or even that you are too busy to attend to their needs properly.
  2. Dirty workshops – these days, many mechanical workshops are becoming spic- and-span areas, with staff wearing uniforms and presenting a polished image. The days of the dark, dingy and dirty workshop are gone, and if yours still looks like this, it might be losing you customers.
  3. Unclean nail or hair salons – for instance where the floor is not swept and treatment areas have not been cleaned between customers. This can lead to customers being concerned about the level of hygiene, and risk of infection from dirty equipment.
  4.  Messy restaurants / cafés – in food businesses of course cleanliness is paramount. But even if your food handling is top-notch, things like dirty tables or tea towels left sitting on benches can put people off. And with so many eateries to choose from in most towns, people won’t hesitate to go elsewhere.
  5. Messy professional offices – such as legal or financial services. Piles of dusty files on your desk or floor are really not a good look! To many people, these things don’t make you look in-demand, just disorganised and inefficient.
  6. Unhygienic gyms – Gyms or leisure centres that are dirty or smelly or not cleaned every day can send people jogging right out the door, especially if the showers are grimy, or if the gym equipment is dirty.
  7. Desks covered in crumbs and spills – nowadays, many office workers eat and drink at their desks rather than taking proper breaks. This can be unhygienic, especially since desks are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. According to the Medical Daily, some studies have shown that the average desk may harbour 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat! We tend to give a high priority to toilets and kitchens, knowing the importance of hygiene in these areas, while our workstations can take a back seat.
  8. Untidy reception areas – clutter, such as dirty footprints, unkempt mats, grimy door handles and so on. A reception area is often the very first impression given to clients – make sure to keep yours clean.
  9. Unclean tables in meeting rooms – even if not used often, it’s important not to let the dust gather in meeting areas.
  10. Dirty visitors’ bathrooms – make sure to give this one a high priority. Even if your services are great, visitors might not be too impressed with a neglected toilet area!

So if you don’t want to lose clients to the competition, make cleaning and hygiene a priority in your business. Call us at Jan-Pro if you would like to know more about our commercial cleaning services.

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